L’esperit que sobreviu: quan el Two Row Wampum ha mort

1763. El rei d’Anglaterra Jordi III signa la Royal Proclamation. Els colons tenen estrictament prohibit per llei reclamar drets sobre el territori indígena. Prohibit. La terra ocupada per indígenes és indígena, fins que la Corona la compri. Respecte mutu. Vida paral·lela. Calma: existeix un dret de propietat aborigen.

“Però a partir del 1815 els indígenes són un problema. L’objectiu és crear una federació canadenca i per a fer-ho s’ha de passar per terra indígena. Així que el Govern publica l’Acta dels Indis de 1876.”

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The most explosive mixture

Our Point Of View, better known as Blue Note 75 Band, were the chosen stars for the third concert of the series Les Grands Concerts of the Montreal Jazz Festival this year at the Théatre Maisonneuve, right in the middle of the Place des Arts, where everything is happening. A band made from the combination of some of the biggest names featured by the legendary record label from the United States Blue Note. Guitarist Lionel Loueke, pianist Robert Glasper, trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, saxophonist Marcus Strickland, bassist Derrick Hodge and drummer Kendrick Scott are the members of this all-star band, a dangerous project in terms of an ensemble that puts together big egos and big characters. The result, however, is that a project built to commemorate a 75 anniversary is still rolling two years later. And looks like it is going to be like this for a long time.


Choosing from the artists in one of the most famous jazz record labels in the world must be a hard job. But that is exactly what Blue Note did in 2014 when it decided to build a band in order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the label. The choosing was hard, but the brand came up with a combination of big names that did, as well, know each other. Lionel Loueke, Robert Glasper, Ambrose Akinmusire, Marcus Strickland, Derrick Hodge and Kendrick Scott became the members of Our Point Of View, a name hard to buoy next to the powerful denomination of Blue Note 75 Band.

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